Thursday, September 25, 2008

River Rats abd Giant Cedars

More River Shots

GNP Rivers

It was worth the drive to GNP just to see the rivers. Even though it was cold, it didn't seem like it as long as I was standing by a water fall or crystal clear river. I could have stayed....well, duty calls.
I have discovered though that it pays to always keep your balance and be prepared, you just never know who is behind you....
The water is such a stunning color, it's almost unreal looking.

Glacier National Park

This place is awesome. We got there late in the day so we didn't have time to see a lot, but what we did see was totally awesome. There is already a bunch of snow there and all the trees on the edge of the tree line were all covered in snow and looked like white ghosts. The peaks were stunning. Logan Pass was closed due to snow fall, but we could drive almost up to it.

Montana is Pretty Cool

We drove through Montana. Very pretty. Stopped and saw cousins in Colestrip.

North Dakota

This is North Dakota at it's best.

North Dakota

We stopped at Theodore Ro. National Park. It was kind of like a baby Badlands NP. We hiked down into a valley, past the barriers and that was kind of cool. Saw some cool sand stone formations down there.