Friday, October 26, 2007

Weezer, the Spoiled

Hi, My name is Weezer and I love to get into everything. If you bring a grocery bag in from the car, I just know that you brought me a surprise. You didn't? Why not? What were you thinking? Yes, you did.... You've got to be kidding. How could you forget!?!

Weezer, the Seeker

Hi, I'm Weezer
I'll close my eyes and you go hide, but if I can't find you in 10 seconds or less, I swear I will scream like a girl and chatter like a squirrel. I hate it when I can't find you. I have to be with you, don't you understand? Yes, I am co-dependent, it's in my fur.

Weezer, the Geek

Yes, I am Weezer.
Would you stop bothering me, please!!!!
I'm watching doggie videos on You Tube and I am also chatting with Jenica, my Jenica.
There, now I have to restart the video, you made me miss the best part where the dumb hound slams into the parked car. Whatever!

Weezer, the Killer

Hi, I'm Weezer. Code name: The Weeze.

Just look into my eyes and know that I can extract the intestinal fluff from a creature in less time than it takes you to tie your shoes or brush your teeth. My friend Peggy got me a new "pet" the other day and I had it down and gutted in less than 2 minutes. Yes, you heard that right.

I do hire out, so if any of you med students need help in cadaver lab, I'd be happy to lend a tooth.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Waves, Sharks, and Sun

The waves were so pretty, the sunlight was shining through the curl part. It was cool. A guy was fishing not far from me once and began backing up as fast as he could while his pole
was bent over. I began running in the other direction against the rip tide, thinking I saw a shadow and didn't want to get caught in the line. He lost the fish and then came over to me and said, "Did you see that fin?" I went and laid in the sun for a while. Really.

Beach to ourself

It's amazing that if you go to the beach before the sun comes up, you pretty much have the beach all to yourself. And if it is raining, there is even more solitude. For the first time in my life I laid in the sun tanning while it was raining. It was kind of weird. At least the rain would only pour down for a few minutes, and I was covered with salt and sand anyway, and who cared about hair, so I just kept singing - "I wanna know, have you ever seen the rain...."

Standing in the Sun

To stand in the rising sun is an inspiring thing to do. It gradually rises, letting your eyes adjust to it's brilliance. Then it is almost overwhelming, but not quite. It's enough to sooth the savage beast in any one who will look. It reminds me of standing in the Son, the same effects can happen spiritually that happy physically, only it's so much better and can happen where ever you are, you don't even have to be standing on the shores. Just turn and look, and the Son is already there.

Wild Waves

The waves were in a whirl, going in every directions. It was awesome. I caught a few and flew towards shore on their power. A couple of them caught me and hurled me to the sandy bottom. I left my sunglasses down there somewhere. I bet one of those beach combers will find them, maybe next year.

Bob on the Beach

We had fun just strolling along the beach in the sunrise. It was so pretty to see the reflection on the water and the sand. There is something so relaxing about the sound of the waves and the sound of the bubbles when the wave is receding. The rip tide warning were out, so I made sure I had my boogie board before I went out too far. Having almost drowned in Lake Superior, I didn't want to take chances in the Atlantic.


We were in Florida recently for a conference in Orlando. We took a day before to enjoy the ocean and laugh, laugh a lot.

Cocoa Beach 2007

On the beautiful shores of the Atlantic at Cocoa Beach. Weather forecast for the week: Rain! Someone said there is a draught, but it has not been happening where I go.