Friday, May 30, 2008

Jen, who has the better tan???

Jaymin and I have always had a slightly competitive side, and he has always bragged about being more tan than i am. Well, you decide. Although i'm part Indian, part German, and part English, I always seem to get an orangish kind of tan, and my palms are almost always orange. No, I don't drink a lot of carrot juice.

Motherboards and Mothers

Jaymin turned 20 yesterday and he build himself a new computer. I was his assistant. It was a lot of fun until the moment of truth came....turned on the switch and nothing happened. No problem, disconnect a thingy, reconnect the whatchamajig, flick a switch inside, plug it back in, hold your breath, say a prayer, and YIPPEE.....
It doubles as a night lite, air conditioner, prop for space movies, birthing center for cables and connectors, and if there is a power failure, we can turn off the heat sink fan and roast hotdogs over the processor plate.

Oh, Did You Say Hair Cut???

With all other prices going up, why not hair cuts too! I could have dropped over and hit my wet, unfinished hair on the floor when they told me the price. $40 more than last time I went there........What gives! I guess shampoo is made with gas now too.

Bob said we just all need to shave our heads and then we won't have to worry about it at all.

Then and Now - No Words Necessary

Queen for a Decade

There are some spoiled pets, and then there is Weezer. She jumps from the floor into our arms when we are standing, whether we want her to or not. We play hide and seek and if she can't find us, she screams like a girlie dog. I got a new brush to get the winter fluff out of her fur and all i have to do is show it to her and she starts to cry and whine. She has whining down to perfection. She can really poor on the pathetic dog act as well. When I came home from church and was changing my clothes, I looked out the window and someone had tired her up out back. She was playing with a stick and when she saw me she got all mournful and seemed to say, "don't you feel sorry for me, out here all alone."

Flashing Pictures for Fun

Weezer won this round. She is so proud of her wrestling skills. She can't stand for me to hug Bob or Jaymin. She starts whining and pitching a fit. As far as she is concerned they belong to her.

Our back yard

We had visitors yesterday. They spent quite a while with me and didn't seem to mind that Weezer and I were watching them out the window.

Jaymin's Fox Fur