Friday, December 28, 2007


Today we had a blizzard in Davenport, IA. We got about an inch an hour, which isn't bad. It was so pretty. Nothing like big white flakes of snow pouring out of the sky. The tracker is rear wheel drive, so it's fun to take it out in the parking lot and see how many times it will spin around in a circle. Today, though, the snow was too deep.

Northern Michigan Tradition

No Christmas in Northern Michigan would be complete without a trip to Jay's Sporting Goods for a case of pigeons and several boxes of 12gage shotgun shells. Everyone lines up on the hill and dad throws them out. Each shooter claims the kill, but we have to admit, Jaymin is a really good shot. We always laugh that on Christmas Eve, northerns are out buying bullets.....

Genetic Rip off

Some how my sisters and their children managed to steal all the family genes for tallness. Believe it or not, these are Jenica's cousins and they are all standing flat on the floor. Now that both my sisters are older than me, maybe they will all start shrinking and I will end up the tallest after all. We forgive Colter for wearing a Packer jersey.

Weezer the Sailor

Weezer enlisted in the navy over the holidays. She was rejected because of height issues, but she refused to give back the hat. She said it was the least they could do after all she had gone through.

Ice Storm

As the sun was coming up after an ice storm the other day, it was so pretty. The branches sparkled like little christmas lights as the pink sky reflected in them. Of course the roads were horrid and I could hardly walk across the driveway, but it seems to me that there is always something good with the bad.

Christmas 07

Christmas time is always so much fun when the family is all home and we can hang out together. Some say Dr. Pepper is the Elixir of Life - can you guess who that might be?